raija jokinen

A site worth of looking


Since 2013 Joe and Sam Pitcher have done a great job to open the wonderful view to an art form normally hidden and found only with persistency and collecting accidental bits of information. These two skillful guys are publishing a web site with information around textile arts. They are fascinated by textile arts and they show it in TextileArtist.org.

The  reason for this activity is actually their mom, textile artist Sue Stone who makes wonderful embroidery. This is a great example how big and influential  things are made. I warmly recommend to take some hours for browsing this source of talent, skill and creativity. So far I cannot name any other source of such a wide and rich platform for textile arts.

By the way, my interview was published Jan 2014 on the site too and it’s included to a collection of  Figurative textile art: 5 amazing artists


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