raija jokinen

Sue Stone is an inspiring textile artist. In addition, she has two wonderful boys Joe and Sam Pitcher. Their sincere fascination of textile arts is shown at www.textileartists.org web site. They launched the site Jan 2013 and now there are interesting articles, interviews, reviews and educational texts around textile arts. It’s unbelievable how much they managed to do in a year, and what a difference the site makes! There has been a clear need for a platform in textile arts and these two guys did it! Have a look and be inspired.

I think the most important in textileartist.org site are the interviews because very rarely you can hear or read textile artists’ ideas about their every day life and work. I have really enjoyed reading the interviews as you can hear the artists’ own voice.

Jan 2014 my interview appeared on the site too. I hope it opens a bit of my artistic process and the ideas behind my works.

Above all, I wish all the best to Joe and Sam. Thank you for your work for textile arts!


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