raija jokinen

An exhibition by Marian Bijlenga (NL), Kari Steihaug (N), Merja Keskinen (FI) and me is open from the 4th April until 28th April 2014 in Marmara University gallery in Istanbul Acibadem.
Here are images from the gallery. The colorful stuff on the podiums are not made by us 😉

Risk-taking, interesting connections to tradition, new perspectives, unexpected similarities in cultures and a warm feeling of being members in the big and wide family of textiles.

(A cat visited the exhibition every evening and neglected the demands to leave. A fan?)

vernissage_2   kari_1  https://raijajokinen.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/exhibition1.jpgMarian Bijlenga on the left, Raija in the middle, Merja Keskinen on the right

KuvaArchive by Kari Steihaug



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