raija jokinen

On February I got a kind email from Kate Sierzputowski,  an editor and contributing writer in www.thisiscolossal.com site and after delivering some photos and answering her questions about my works Kate published an article “Textile Bodies Reveal Branched Systems of Veins, Flowers and Roots by Raija Jokinen”. I am happy to be part of this great group of artists. I had been following thisiscolossal.com site during the years because it offers so many interesting views to the world of arts. No wonder that there are 1 million monthly visitors and so many actors in art field are dedicated followers of  Colossal and it’s called “must read” for those interested in visual culture. Highly recommended!


Couple of weeks later a French art site www.artsvice.com published also an article about my works with a title “Les corps végétaux de Raija Jokinen“. That’s nice as there have been several of my works in the exhibitions in France too.

I also published more images in my Instagram account. You are warmly welcomed to follow @raijajokinen

Feel free to click the sites and share 🙂


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