raija jokinen


What a happy day! The 25. Nov, 2015, I received the Regional Art Prize of Uusimaa 2015. A beautiful yellow file with nice text, flowers, sparkling vine, good friends… among others! Thanks for the Arts Council of Uusimaa and chairperson, photographer Hanna Weselius and Tiina Kuoppa!

This year my works were exhibited in 13 exhibitions and 4 company premises. Ten of these events took place in Uusimaa region, an area around Helsinki reaching from Hanko to Loviisa. I’d like to thank Porvoo Art Hall and Anneli Hytönen,  Gallery Duetto and Pirkko Vepsäläinen, Kira Sjöberg, Marian Bijlenga, Malena Karlsson, Kirsti Ekonen, Sipoon Taiteilijat ryTaike and Svenska Kulturfonden for project grants and all who made this possible.

Here’s the text about the prize in Swedish and Finnish.


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