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My solo exhibition Regard d’artiste in the lovely Domain de Trévarez opened on Friday 29.4.2022. Such a great experience that made me speechless.

©Philippe Robin & Chemins du patrimoine en Finistére



The castle of Trévarez was built from 1893 to 1907 by James de Kerjégu and consists of many of the modern new innovations that were developed during that time.
I visisted Trévarez for the first time in October 2020 and in addition to the castle I fell love with the beautiful gardens and forests around the castle that shows tragically the fates of history. There was combined three of my interests: arts, old buildings and nature, plants and gardening. Somehow the walls, corridors and rooms with signs of craftmanship and destruction felt close and familiar and I was touched by the story of the Kerjégu family. Some of the plants in the gardens were familar to me but somehow different. I was asked to look and sense the place and interpret my feelings to visual forms.
I mostly express my visual thoughts thru forms of a human body. It is a kind of canvas to me. This was a great surrounding to conversate with the history and it’s layers. I wanted the human body to entangle itself in the space and the surfaces of it and to disappear and reappear in the course of moving in the space. I didn’t want to make too bold pieces but let them appear like memories often does, gradually raising from the past and maybe forgotten for ever. And let plants to grow over them picturing the relation of a human and nature.
I had the great priviledge to work in Trévarez and meet people who work there around the year for the Chemins du patrimoine en Finistére. I learned how dedicated they are and felt that Trévarez is in very good hands. Like I was too. I got so much help, support and information that I felt being a member in that big family. Thank you all of you!

Exhibition is open until 9. Oct, 2022





Thanks also for the images and videos that was shot in the exhibition: Philippe Robin, Iris Kärkkäinen, Sylvain Huet, Beaux Arts magazine / Diane Guédon, , Arte tv / Eric Bergeron, Richard Bonnet. Videos can be seen on Chemins du Patrimoine en Finistére account in YouTube, in beauxarts.com web site and in arte.tv ‘s French and German channels.

In addition I am very happy about a book that was published by Chemins du patrimoine en Finistére and Locus Solus édition. For ordering please visit Locus Solus web site or in Finland you can contact me or Kirjavälitys Oy for library and institutional orders. Video of the book can be seen in my Instagram page. The book is also for sale in Höyry-galleria, Suomen käsityön museo, Nide sekä Lahden ja Sipoon taidelainaamot.

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