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Open 7.9.-12.11.2017 – Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, PL

Asia-Europe 3 exhibition is curated by Belgian artist Marika Szaraz. The exhibition was opened for the first time in Krefelt Textielmuseum (DE) in Oct 2016 and it was visited by over 4000 viewers. September 7th, 2017 the exhibition was opened in a beautiful renovated industrial building in Lodz.

Here’s text by curator Marika Szaraz: “My vision of the textile and fibre art involves works for which the artists exclusively use the technique to express themselves, making the polychromies accessory.

I present a variety of creations from 2 Asian countries: Japan and South Korea and 13 European countries : France, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Luxemburg, the Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. Wall hang- ings, ceiling hangings, ground installations and works on pedestals, the presence of each work in this exhibition is based on a judicious choice.”


Web site of the Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz: http://bit.ly/2wXYE0x

openingLodz_LWCurator Marika Szaraz (on the right) gives a speech at the opening.

Participating artists are:
Marian BIJLENGA –Holandia
Young-Soon CHA – Korea
Nora CHALMET – Belgia
Yeon-Soon CHANG – Korea
Włodzimierz CYGAN – Polska
Kela CREMACHI –Włochy
Kazue HONMA – Japonia
Kakuko ISHII – Japonia
Mitsue ITO – Japonia
Yasuko IYANAGA – Japonia
Raija JOKINEN – Finlandia
Ken KAGAJO – Japonia
Hideaki KIZAKI – Japonia
Akiko KUMAZAWA – Japonia
Sung-Soon LEE – Korea
Jean Michel LETELLIER – Francja
Beili Liu  – Chiny
Françoise MICOUD – Francja
Miki NAKAMURA – Japonia
Maria ORTEGA – Hiszpania
Erny PIRET – Luksemburg
Jeannine De Raeymaecker – Belgia
Jin Sook SO – Korea/Szwecja
Magdalena SOBON – Polska
Yukako SORAI – Japonia
Blanka SPERKOVA – Czechy
Marika SZARAZ – Węgry
Kyoko UEDA – Japonia
Makiko WAKISAKA – Japonia
Rieko YASHIRO – Japonia
Yong-Soon Chung – Korea Poudniowa

openingLodz_KakukoLWKakuko Ishii (J) and her works

Miki Nakamura’s piece (J)

openingLodz_JinSook_LWJin Sook So (KR & SE) and her pieces.
openingLodz_Raija_LWMy work ” A Cold Shower”.

I am grateful for the kind support of the Finnish Cultural Foundation for supporting my working .

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