raija jokinen

everydayMatter_view2.jpgOpen 16 sep 2017 – 28 jan 2018

Everyday Matter exhibition is part of the European Textile Network conference Crossover that took place in the Textile and Fashion Center in Borås, Sweden on 12-19.9.2017. The exhibition is organized in a cooperation of the Nordic Textile Network and the Textilmuseet in Borås.
Exhibition shows a wide range of materials and techniques related to textiles. Textiles are in our everyday life and therefore strongly connected to the concepts of the everyday.

There are works by following artists:
Elsa Agélii (SE, founder of NTA!), Emelie Röndahl (SE), Kari Hjertholm (NO), Løvaas & Wagle (NO), Ulla-Maija Vikman (FI), Silja Puranen (FI), Ásta Vilhelmína Guðmundsdóttir (IS), Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir (IS), Grethe Wittrock (DK), Ane Henriksen (DK)
and also artists who has some background with the voluntary work in NTA: Helga Palina Brynjolfsdottir (IS), Elisabeth Brenner Remberg (SE), Laura Isoniemi (FI), Raija Jokinen (FI), Aino Kajaniemi (FI), Kerstin Lindström (SE), Vibeke Lindhardt (DK), Linnea Blomgren (SE) och Josabet Werkmäster (SE).

everydayMatter_view1_2017.jpgThe exhibition is hanged to a room with black walls. This with a relative tight hanging gives a strong, rich and interesting impression. It looks new and different from the white half empty walls we recognize from most museums. Also effective light design increases the magical atmosphere and turn our eyes to the delicate details of the everyday.
On the left Ane Henriksen’s woven shirts.
Vibeke Lindhardt

My works are the first ones I combine ready made textile fragments with the flax fibers I normally use for my pieces. It was an interesting experiment and I am going to continue that. I asked dirty and broken towels from my friends but when I opened the packs I could smell washing powder and touch smooth ironed towels :-). I seems that even close friends don’t want to reveal the obvious signs of their everyday life. Even washed the towels carry stories of their life.
I want to thank the Finnish Cultural Foundation for kind support of my working.


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