raija jokinen

Intermediate Space exhibition by Marian Bijlenga, Raija Jokinen and Malena Karlsson
is opening in Porvoo Art Hall 26th Feb, 2015, at 17-19.
Exhibition will be open on Tues-Fri 10-18 and Sat-Sun 11-16 until 22. Mar, 2015.
Porvoo Art Hall is in Art Factory, Läntinen Aleksanterinkatu 1, Porvoo, Finland.

“We employ materials and techniques connected to the world of textiles but our works of art represent and refer merely to graphic arts, painting and sculpturing. Our multi-discipline approach provides new views e.g. to the physical forms of the pieces and they are not limited by frames. The material is distinct and apparent, proceeding freely as a line, colour or volume, and by doing that creating an open space.
Marian Bijlenga makes precise observations about visual rhythms and relations of forms and calls her works as “spatial drawings”. Her mostly abstract pieces are composed with mathematical precision by using delicate details that grow to spacious universes of forms. Marian lives and works in Amsterdam and exhibits around the world.
Raija Jokinen visualizes the borderline between the mental and physical surrounding. She use figurative and abstract expression and combine body related details with other natural forms, though modifying them to something that resembles neither of them. Raija lives and works in Helsinki and Sipoo and exhibits mostly abroad.
Malena Karlsson presents mystical tones that make us forget our natural need to recognize or name forms and materials and by doing that she takes us to a space that is unrecognizable but still so familiar. Her works are extremely slow to make but that’s one of the charm of them. Malena lives and works in Southern Sweden exhibiting mainly in Sweden.”
Article in Östnyland by Petra Lind:
Radio interview by Mikael Kokkola:

Article by Margaretha Jämback in Uusimaa newspaper on 12. March, 2015



PS. Take some extra time and have a walk in lovely Porvoo old town with museums, cafeterias, restaurants, interesting shops and beautiful old wooden houses …

PS2. The bus from Helsinki to Porvoo takes about 55 min. Get off at the Porvoon silta bus stop (Porvoo Bridge, Borgå åbron) and walk 500m between new red & yellow wooden houses to the Art Factory, Taidetehdas, Konstfabrik. The schedules for buses can be found from Matkahuolto time table service in Swedish and English. One way trip by bus costs about 9€. There are also good connections between Helsinki airport and Porvoo.

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