raija jokinen

I am totally surprised and very happy. Sipoo, the municipality in Southern Finland and the place I spend most of my time, rewarded me a Culture Award 2019. The reasoning for the award were this (translated by google and me):
“Raija Jokinen has worked as an artist 30 years and her works have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Finland and abroad. By employing various materials such as textiles and paper, she has created an original style of expression. Her works often feature human figures combined with forms of nature or abstract compositions. Her works are sensitive and touching.”
Here is the link to the Sipoo press release.
The award was presented by the chairperson Tom Sundbäck from the municipality Leasure Section. The award has been presented yearly since 1983.
Several local media wrote about this and here are links to the articles:
Sipoon Sanomat 14.1.2020 at 17.43 by Jouni Lampinen
Uusimaa 14.1.2020 at 17.43 by Jouni Lampinen
Östnyland14.1.2020 at 16.00 by May Wikström

In 2019 I had a solo exhibition in Gallery Duetto (Helsinki) and participated to 5 group exhibition (Madrid, Kyoto, Osaka, St Louis and Haslach) in addition to 3 travelling exhibitions that were shown in some 7 locations around Europe.
In addition, my works were shown in a beautiful paper art shop Calligrane in Paris, FR, and French news paper Courrier International printed my work on their culture page on 14. Feb, 2019 (nr 1476, 2019). Art magazine Hi-fructose published an article about my works and at the end of the year my pieces were selected to the 4th Annual International Exhibition in Print by the Surface Design Association.
I am also delighted how many liked my images in social media.

I am delighted and happy. Thank you Sipoo!


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