raija jokinen

I added a new video to vimeo.com

With this video I try to show how my works are made as that is the most frequent question I hear. The appearance can be connected to many techniques like felting, painting and paper making.  The fact is that I needed to study various techniques to be able to end up with this combo. In addition, it offers new perspectives and ways to employ the fibre materials. Therefore, also this video shows only one way to use flax.

Before these steps I needed to dye and brush the fibers, make sketches etc. The process also included some changes as I was not satisfied with the first ideas and needed to erase and replace some parts of the piece.

My original idea was to present the starting point of taking an initiative for something new, the short moment when you feel that feathers are grown to your arms and you could fly high.

Here is a detail of the final piece:


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