raija jokinen

In the opening of my solo exhibition in Voipaala Art Center The Finnish Association of Textile Artists TEXO announced the Textile Artist of the Year 2020 Honorary Award. The member of the board Elina Helenius was reasoning it in following words:
“Textile Artists TEXO has chosen Raija Jokinen as the Textile Artist of the Year 2020. Textile Artists TEXO wants to highlight its internationally successful colleague, an artist whose work has been exhibited mainly abroad. Textile artist Raija Jokinen is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning artist who, with determination and dedication, has developed her own technique of expression. With her uncompromising attitude, she renews Finnish textile art and makes it visible in the international context.

Raija Jokinen is known for her original textile technique and pictorial expression, in which shapes resembling the physical nature of man are merging into natural forms. With her works, Raija Jokinen brings to us a lifesustaining world of shapes that can be found in almost every living thing. In the expression of each, the rich visual expression of organic forms varies from roots to entangled twig networks – resulting in fragile appearance, but with a strong visual or abstract content.

In the field of textile art, Raija Jokinen’s technique and expression are unquestionably unique. Jokinen splits
tangible things into their original elements and rearranges them into different combinations. She finds analogies
between material and abstract structures, expressing them in an agonisingly beautiful way in her works. Raija
Jokinen’s way of working can be compared to drawing and painting, but her material is textile fiber. She draws her images with fibers and stitches.  Despite their delicate appearance, the materials and method are extremely durable, and the atmosphere and content of the works are intense.”

Textile Artists TEXO is a professional organization of experts in the field of textile art, one of the member
organizations of Ornamo. Since 1981, TEXO has named it’s distinguished member the Textile Artist of the Year.
The award is the most significant textile art award in Finland.

I am happy and delighted about this honor. Thank you TEXO!

Thanks for the beautiful flowers and words Mia and Elina!


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